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We’ve seen how hard it could be for athletes to be themselves and connect, which was why we’ve set out to bring new opportunities to the athletics world. Agents and agencies do a great job of protecting professional athletes from exposure by curating the deals and sponsorships that come toward them.

However, this leaves a limited range for athletes to use their own creativity and persona in connecting with their fans. This is where Athletics Anonymous comes in. A legion of coders, developers, artists, and entrepreneurs who craft the bridge between fans and their beloved idols. The “shadow” to our clients interests.

Our mission. Simply to create a more intimate relationship between athletes and their fans. Where fans are rewarded for their fandom. The everlasting loyalty and commitment to their favorite athletes. For so many, just watching the “greats” compete has been such a pleasure.

Our job is to create moments which will take that experience to the next level.

use IO::Socket;

#local port
$port = 1234;

#redirect to

$msg= “HTTP/1.1 305 Use proxy\n”;
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  • Giveaway
  • Airdrops


  • Plugs to Physical Collectibles / Merch
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product placement
  • Promotes Storytelling / Placement of NFT’s
  • Licensing Opportunities


  • PBT enabled physical drops + Free Mint’s
  • Retail Distribution
  • Celebrity athlete marketing campaigns


  • NBA Game Tickets
  • VR NBA Game passes & Equipment 
  • On-Court Experiences
  • Social Events & Metaverse Events 
  • Pop-Ups & Collabs with partners


  • Enhanced digital content
  • Gaming Tournaments & Cash Prizes
  • Free Airdrops
  • Free Game passes & subscriptions