Dec '19

Sukuta Teaser Video

The world of fashion is changing.

As the fashion industry adapts to the increasing presence of digital media and online communication, the way we introduce new styles and trends is shifting.

At SUKUTA, we specialize in this intersection between the physical and digital worlds. We plan to use Digital Collectibles to offer a unique brand experience in both the world of basketball and fashion. Through this technology, we will create interactive experiences that will strengthen the connection between you and our collectibles.

Physical items will unlock digital experiences, and vice versa. Our community, the “band”, is an integral part of SUKUTA. As we continue to grow and welcome new members and influencers, exciting opportunities will arise.

What you see now is just the beginning – soon, the world will be captivated by our music.

Click here for the SUKUTA Teaser Video


  • Giveaway
  • Airdrops


  • Plugs to Physical Collectibles / Merch
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product placement
  • Promotes Storytelling / Placement of NFT’s
  • Licensing Opportunities


  • PBT enabled physical drops + Free Mint’s
  • Retail Distribution
  • Celebrity athlete marketing campaigns


  • NBA Game Tickets
  • VR NBA Game passes & Equipment 
  • On-Court Experiences
  • Social Events & Metaverse Events 
  • Pop-Ups & Collabs with partners


  • Enhanced digital content
  • Gaming Tournaments & Cash Prizes
  • Free Airdrops
  • Free Game passes & subscriptions