Jan '16

PBT x Sukuta

Introducing a new experience in fashion.  At SUKUTA, we intend to use Digital Collectibles to bring you a new type of brand.  One that is born in the digital and transforms the physical.  

Utilizing the pilot drafted by tech giants at Chiru Labs, SUKUTA will release its collections with Physically Baked Tokens (PBT).   Each physical piece of the collection will come with “The Bean Chip” (coined by Azuki, a collection of Chiru Labs).   A cryptographic chip that enables an experience called  “Scan-to-Own”.

Using your phone, with your physical item you can mint a new type of token.  One that bridges you to the digital world and sets the standard for new possibilities of storytelling and experiences.  As a holder you can capture both the physical and digital content, unlock access to private events, real-life quests and trade your items in a secure system.

PBT offers an extra advantage,  it has intrinsic methods to validate and follow the ownership history of your collectible. All on the blockchain, in a decentralized system. 

Due to the superior production that goes into SUKUTA tangible goods this will permit owners to maintain authenticity and transparency. Implying that no one will be able to reproduce or access our items and experiences using fake or replicated methods. Providing ongoing, increasing, value to our holders.

More about PBT:
Case Example:



  • Giveaway
  • Airdrops


  • Plugs to Physical Collectibles / Merch
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product placement
  • Promotes Storytelling / Placement of NFT’s
  • Licensing Opportunities


  • PBT enabled physical drops + Free Mint’s
  • Retail Distribution
  • Celebrity athlete marketing campaigns


  • NBA Game Tickets
  • VR NBA Game passes & Equipment 
  • On-Court Experiences
  • Social Events & Metaverse Events 
  • Pop-Ups & Collabs with partners


  • Enhanced digital content
  • Gaming Tournaments & Cash Prizes
  • Free Airdrops
  • Free Game passes & subscriptions