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Feb '7

Are you ready to up your game? Introducing Game-Stats, an innovative off-chain way to incentivize and reward our growing community! Now you can earn rewards for all your hard work on a daily basis! This gamified system is designed to bring awareness to SUKUTA and forge closer ties as we enter the minting stage. Plus, you’ll have the chance to win cool prizes every time you participate in a challenge. Get ready to level up your game and become a Stats master! TLDR: Participating in Stat earning challenges results in free NFT’s and Physicals! Game 1 Starts on: Tuesday, Feb 7th Ends on: Thursday, Feb 16th What will Game-Stats earn you? Free NFT’s and Physicals! As part of a…

Jan '16

Introducing a new experience in fashion.  At SUKUTA, we intend to use Digital Collectibles to bring you a new type of brand.  One that is born in the digital and transforms the physical.   Utilizing the pilot drafted by tech giants at Chiru Labs, SUKUTA will release its collections with Physically Baked Tokens (PBT).   Each physical piece of the collection will come with “The Bean Chip” (coined by Azuki, a collection of Chiru Labs).   A cryptographic chip that enables an experience called  “Scan-to-Own”. Using your phone, with your physical item you can mint a new type of token.  One that bridges you to the digital world and sets the standard for new possibilities of storytelling and experiences.  As…

Jan '5

Do you know what successful brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or Puma have in common? They have seamlessly integrated into all major sports. Their presence is synonymous with sports teams, clothing, shoes, equipment, and, most importantly, the players who wear them. Professional players are connected with a multitude of products. Each of their sponsors works diligently behind the scenes to create exclusive items. As their likeness grows, so do the possibilities and success of each line. Ultimately, it is the fans, followers, and community that make these initiatives successful. We, however, only see a little of what goes on, and the distance between the players and their dedicated fans are not as close as we wished it would be….

Dec '21

We are excited to announce that an article about SUKUTA, our NFT collection that combines fashion and technology, has just been published on MarketWatch. MarketWatch is a leading financial news and market data website which is known for providing high-quality and timely coverage of the financial markets, including stock quotes, financial analysis, and market commentary, as well as business news and personal finance advice. In the article on MarketWatch you can read about how SUKUTA is taking the fan experience to a whole new level. KPJ is known for his dedication to giving back to his fans, and SUKUTA is a project that truly reflects that priority….

Dec '19

The world of fashion is changing. As the fashion industry adapts to the increasing presence of digital media and online communication, the way we introduce new styles and trends is shifting. At SUKUTA, we specialize in this intersection between the physical and digital worlds. We plan to use Digital Collectibles to offer a unique brand experience in both the world of basketball and fashion. Through this technology, we will create interactive experiences that will strengthen the connection between you and our collectibles. Physical items will unlock digital experiences, and vice versa. Our community, the “band”, is an integral part of SUKUTA. As we continue to grow and welcome new members and influencers, exciting opportunities will arise. What you see now is just the beginning – soon,…

Dec '19

Get ready for some major excitement because Jalen Green, teammate of KPJ and one of the top prospects in the NBA, just dropped his 1/1 SUKUTA NFT on Instagram and it is a must-see. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this one.  …


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