What is Sukuta

About Sukuta

Kevin Porter Jr, starting point guard for the Houston Rockets, has taken the leap to utilize blockchain technology to create a closer relationship with his fans, Rockets fans, and basketball fans alike.

SUKUTA is an access pass that will take you behind the scenes into the universe of Kevin Porter Jr. As a professional NBA athlete KPJ, (Scoot), is involved with various opportunities and organizations that his audience rarely gets a chance to see or interact with. As a member of SUKUTA, you get to become part of that voice, part of that experience, and part of that journey of what it’s like to be in the inner circle with what athletes like Kevin Porter Jr create on a daily basis.

For our holders, these will include intimate on and off-court experiences, limited run collectables of various types, collaborations with sponsors and staple brands that are recognized around the world.

SUKUTA intends to use Digital Collectibles to bring you a new type of brand. Both in the world of basketball and fashion. One that is rich with style and storytelling. Through this new technology we will create experiences that will become the gateway to forming a deeper connection between you and the collectibles we release. Physical items will launch IRL/digital experiences, and digital experiences will unleash so much more.

All drops and experiences primarily for holders only. To be released to general public at a later date.



Co-Founder / JPEG Enthusiast


Co-Founder / Product Manager Sports Enthusiast




Co-Founder / Contracts / Sports Engagement


Co-Founder / Advisor


Founder NFT Elite / Project Consultant


Discord Expert & Management


Marketing & Collaborations


Artist / Brand Designer




Lead Blockchain Developer @ NFTElite.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind SUKUTA?

SUKUTA is a collection created by Kevin Porter Jr, a professional athlete on the Houston Rockets NBA team. Powered by Athletics Anonymous. A team of artists, developers, crypto and sports enthusiasts. Together we aim to create a system where fans and community members are rewarded for their creativity and engagement by bridging the gap between them and the organizations that control the scene today.

On which blockchain will SUKUTA launch?

SUKUTA will launch on the Ethereum Blockchain and you will be able to mint our NFTs through the ERC721A/S contract, which provides very low gas fees.

What is the total supply of SUKUTA?

3333 Digital Collectables

What is the mint price?

0.085 ETH Public

When is the official launch date?

Whitelist mint: February 15th, 1 PM EST
Public mint: February 16th, 1 PM EST

How can I get whitelisted?

Our goal is to build a community, which is contributing valuable content to SUKUTA. We also do collabs with other projects and start contests which we will announce in our socials. Here you can find out more about how to get whitelisted #wl-info on our discord.

Where can I learn more about the project?

You can check out our Twitter Profile and our website. On our website you can subscribe to our newsletter which will send you weekly updates. Here you can find everything 🌐┃official-links on our discord.



  • Giveaway
  • Airdrops


  • Plugs to Physical Collectibles / Merch
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product placement
  • Promotes Storytelling / Placement of NFT’s
  • Licensing Opportunities


  • PBT enabled physical drops + Free Mint’s
  • Retail Distribution
  • Celebrity athlete marketing campaigns


  • NBA Game Tickets
  • VR NBA Game passes & Equipment 
  • On-Court Experiences
  • Social Events & Metaverse Events 
  • Pop-Ups & Collabs with partners


  • Enhanced digital content
  • Gaming Tournaments & Cash Prizes
  • Free Airdrops
  • Free Game passes & subscriptions